Shakti Bhakti Yoga

Shakti Bhakti Yoga Practice
 for Women

Shakti: Embodiment of creative force of the Feminine

Bhakti: Devotional practice, in humble service through the heart

Yoga: Union, balance

Shakti Bhakti Yoga combines the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine with Hatha Yoga, awakening the inherent grace in the core of our feminine bodies and hearts, through asana and sacred women’s circle.
“Yoga with Moana is a rejuvenating blend of meditation with strength-building, feminine-respecting asana, in the lush surrounds of her home studio.”  Simona 
With a strong focus on alignment to cultivate a safe lifelong practice, women strengthen, deepen, align and restore…..body, mind and spirit, bringing us to the here and now,  connected to self, Mother Earth, and the Sacred Feminine.
“The will to live, and to make life worthwhile, is a goal that will be brought about by the practice of Yoga” – Swami Sivananda Radha
Blending principles of Alexander Technique, pranayama, women’s cyclical nature, and the body as a temple of the soul…..For women of all ages and all yoga disciplines, Shakti Bhakti Yoga offers an opportunity to explore and deepen our trust in the feminine experience. Each asana is a place to investigate our habits of mind, breath and posture. Using the mind as an instrument, and the breath as a wave to ride, we surrender the body to it’s natural flow. The ancient yogic science reveals itself as a sacred and meditative art form through the female body. As we alter physiology, we transform psychology; as we heighten awareness, we deepen our experience of life, …………and over time a delicate nectar reveals itself in our own hearts, leaving a sweet taste in ‘being’.
After 30 years of yoga  practice, 20 years as a bodyworker (shiatsu and massage), and 23 years of facilitating rituals and workshops for women…….Moana Pearl brings a depth of knowledge of physical and emotional healing and a passion for the sacred mystery of living in a female body.
For details on upcoming events or classes, click here.

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