Sacred Woman

 “What fascinates and inspires me is the power of women. Not ‘power’ as defined in our patriarchal culture, not power over someone or something, but a strong and steady pulse, a very human and vulnerable heartbeat that endures, that brings harmony, that is the backbone of our human connection to earth and community. This primordial power lives in all of us as women , the sacred feminine creative force……..and it is accessed through our bodies…” Moana Pearl

Focusing on creating healthy pathways of self expression for women, Moana’s workshops, lectures, and Rites of Passage work provide empowering tools for women to explore their unique inherent feminine nature, so often unrecognized in our modern competitive culture.  At different times throughout human history (or is it herstory?!) societal pressures and attitudes have shaped women’s feelings, self-image and understanding of themselves. The feminist movement of the twentieth century fought hard to win EQUAL rights, to have women treated equally to men. But, “ …women embody their psyche , soul and spirit in a different way from men.” Dr. Christiane Northrup.
Artwork: Leora Sibony

Artwork: Leora Sibony

Today’s modern culture is based on the Masculine model of achievement and individual growth, breeding competition and alienation.  In polarity, the Feminine is, by nature, relational, ‘in relation to’, a daily reminder of our belonging, our responsibility, our interconnectedness to all things.
David Suzuki, renowned international environmental scientist, has coined the phrase “world view’ referring to the sustainable premise and experience which guided all indigenous cultures- that all things are interconnected. Humans, animals, plants, earth, spirit, ancestry and the future. This, in fact, is the Feminine principle, the interconnectedness of all things, that is encoded in every cell of women. This understanding is designed to cultivate care for all things and beings so as to support humanity to live in harmony, sustainably. This knowledge is silently passed down through each woman’s womb during pregnancy to every human child, male and female; then it must be recognised, cultivated and transmitted with wisdom.
The healing lies for our contemporary dilemma (…) through the compassionate life giving consciousness of the feminine, we as women have the innate courage and love of life to comprehend it’s source, heal our wounds and regard them as our initiation ….-Johanna Lambert, Wise Women of the Dreamtime

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  1. I really love what you have created, particularly the idea of empowering women at a young age to explore the feminine and express their voice. That is so beautiful and inspiring!

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