Women’s Rituals

“Moana’s work bridges a gap in our western culture that ancient societies have been honouring for thousands of years.” S.Nunn, 43 y.o. mother of two 
In ritual we step out of the known. We offer our humble prayers and surrender into that which is bigger than all of us, bigger than words can name. We call upon the Invisible, and lay our hearts at the feet of the Great She, Mother of all things, Creation itself.
And there, with no agenda, we become vessels, receptacles for the wisdom of all time. Truth reveals itself in this sacred place.
We use ritual to call in, to let go, to mark cycles and transitions, for birth, death, endings, beginnings, to give thanks….  
Artwork: Leora Sibony

Artwork: Leora Sibony

Menarche Ritual

A menarche ritual is foundational for girls to embrace the great mystery that our menstrual cycle ushers in. This very important ritual serves to honour and celebrate the onset of a girls menstrual cycle, her moon cycle. With the support of friends and family, this is a time for women to share wisdom, make ceremony, and remember Sisterhood.

The sisters understand that as women the knowledge is innate within them and that, besides, they have their uteruses, which hold not the symbolic but the actual power of creation. -Marija Gimbutas, The Language of the Goddess

I am passionate about ceremony and menarche! and would love to support any mother to mark her daughter’s entry into her blood cycle with ceremony.  I have facilitated many of these ceremonies, and each one is unique, depending on what’s appropriate for the particular girl, or girls. I am here to offer my experience and encourage you!

I awoke from the inherited curse of icy sanitation, to embrace creation’s fire, sacred bloodflower, the doorway to her power, and the mystery sweet.’- Moana Pearl


Rites of Passage for Teenage Girls

A five day residential mother/daughter camp for girls 13-15, Pathways Into Womanhood, a community based program, acknowledges girls’ foundational transition into young womanhood. A rich and powerful experience. Moana Pearl is a co-founder of the program as well as a Senior Leader. For more information about the next camp in North Coast NSW please click here.


"welcome to your mother....... earth"

“welcome to your mother……. earth”-  artwork: Moana Pearl


images-77A Blessingway is a nourishing ritual for expectant mothers and her dear friends and family, to bless and honour her transition from woman to mother, regardless of how many children she already has. Together we humble to and celebrate the rich beauty and sacred power of woman’s capacity to bring forth new life through her body. (This ritual usually takes place towards the end of pregnancy and is offered on demand, so please contact me with enough time to organise!.)



Unveiled, Rites of Initiation for Women

Unveiled, The Recognition is a five day residential initiation retreat “Reawakening and Reclaiming the Sacred through the Feminine Mysteries”.  A potent and profound alchemical portal to ignite personal and collective healing, created by elder and founder, Anna Davidovich. These Rites of Initiation will be facilitated by Moana Pearl with the blessings and teachings directly transmitted through 20 years of assisting and training with Anna Davidovich.



One response to “Women’s Rituals

  1. I wish I had of had a Menarche ritual at the time of my first flow. I had the opportunity though to experience my one and only Blessingway last year.

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