Counselling for Women and families

Moana Pearl is multi modal therapist; informed by her work and personal practices over the past 25 years of working with women, she offers a wholistic perspective to healing and mind body wellness.

Counselling provides a safe container to self reflect, to unravel patterns of personal and cultural beliefs, and re-emerge whole and congruent- mind, heart and spirit. In woman to woman counselling we re-awaken and breathe life into the ancient memories of sacred mentorship, eldership, and sisterhood through introspection, intelligent communication and mindful stillness. One-on one counselling is not limited to times of trauma, crisis or distress, it is an opportunity to access other views of the hologram of self, wisdom already there awaiting a safe place and time to be explored.

A trained counsellor, specialising in women and girls, (whether adolescent, pregnant, parenting, menopausal or seeking insight to navigate life and transitions) Moana incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, yogic principles, somatic therapies, meditation and mindfulness practices, and Person Centred Therapy in her counselling work.

artwork: Meinrad Craighead

artwork: Meinrad Craighead

Her deep connection with the natural world is reflected in the counselling room providing a grounded and compassionate approach to life’s challenges. Passionate about the intersection of psychology, physiology, and cultural influences, Moana provides a space for nurturance, authenticity, clarity and compassion.

Currently in private practice as part of the team at the the Centre for Mind Body Wellness in Mullumbimby, Moana is available for individual or family sessions.