About Moana

Moana Pearl has been involved in sacred women’s business and women’s spirituality for more than 25 years: facilitating groups, circles, rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage for women of all ages and puberty girls.

“I am inspired by our capacity for socio-political change through our personal practices and rituals, through alternative healing, the profound and intricate physiology/psychology connection, and the reclamation of the richness of our matrilineal heritage.”

Moana Pearl is a Multi-Modal Transformational Facilitator. Her inspiring talks, workshops, private counselling sessions, rituals, and yoga style intelligently weave together sisterhood and spirituality, sacred ritual and science, body and heart, ancient women’s wisdom and Mother Earth, herstory and healing.   She guides and encourages women to listen to, honour and heal their bodies and hearts for personal and transpersonal healing.

Moana began researching women’s alternative health from the age of 16, motivated by personal health issues. Since then she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge through her studies in women’s studies, herbal medicine, shiatsu, bodywork, Alexander technique, midwifery assistance, menstruation, menopause, counselling, indigenous rites of passage, and yoga. “But nothing has taught me more about myself than mothering,”  she laughs.

Since 1997, Moana  has been offering “Women With Wings”,  heartfelt, fun and educational workshops for mothers and their prepubescent and adolescent daughters. In these workshops women and girls explore together the journey of growing into a young woman, strengthen bonds between mothers and daughters, and cultivate trust in the feminine process.

Moana is a co-founder and senior facilitator of Pathways into Womanhood, a five day family based Rites of Passage Program for 13 -15 year old girls and their mothers, supporting and celebrating the transition of girl to young woman. This program, which has been running since 2006, is offered in several Australian regions.

Since 1998 Moana has organised and assisted at Numina Institute’s “Unveiled, The Recognition” – a four day initiation retreat for women facilitated by elder and founder of the work, Anna Davidovich.

An inspirational yoga teacher, now focussed on women’s yoga, Moana has been devoted to her yoga practice since her first class in uni in 1978.

Whether facilitating a group, on the yoga mat or in the counselling room, Moana brings a depth of knowledge of physical and emotional healing and a passion for the sacred mystery of living in a female body. She currently lives and works in Byron Shire, Australia.

My prayer is that my work fertilizes the rich and faithful soil

in which each woman can nourish her elemental and spiritual self.

As each of us as women come home to our innate wisdom,

together we shall grow and re-member compassion and community.

We are the elders of the future, the ancestors of those who are yet unborn.

Blessed Be.

Moana Pearl

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