On a spinning blue marble in space…

images-157The quality of light has changed in the past week, I can see the sun emerging from behind a different rainforest tree on the far hillside everyday as it makes it’s way north. Momentarily day and night are equal in length and the sun is passing by the equator (or so it seems from our Earth vantage point!)

Today in the southern hemisphere we celebrate Autumn Equinox, and in the northern hemisphere, Spring Equinox. Now the plants’ energy will reverse their summer trend and head down to their roots, but momentarily there is stillness, a natural lull that grins like twilight, a bow farewell to the sun’s annual southerly visit, like the pause between inhaling and exhaling. Equinox is traditionally a time of reflection,  assessment, and a call to prepare for the coming seasonal change.

images-154Regardless of our insularity, regularity or perceived dominion over our lives, we exist on a living planet cycling in a continuum of relationship to other planets, stars, suns and galaxies. Whether or not we are aware of what house our Venus is in or when Mercury is retrograde, we continue to be influenced by, and subject to, the cosmos: the natural planetary cycles doing their thing since before humanity existed here and probably long after we have departed. All earth based cultures adjusted their lives to the seasonal changes and honoured the Earth’s cycles with ceremony. To pay respect to these transitional moments was to realign and reaffirm relationship to our source of Life.

For most of us, Equinox is no different than any other day, there are still dishes to wash, traffic to navigate, plans to be made for tomorrow. Do yourself a favour. Step outside, or even if you have to imagine the outdoors, take a moment to wink at the sky, the sun or moon or stars, or howl or pray or dance or breathe deeply or somehow utilise this natural annual event to acknowledge your relatedness to this vast tapestry of life. Try it. Even if it feels awkward or silly. So did kissing the first time you did it!

chic meili china tibetan woman

I am always surprised to realise that despite ‘sophisticated’ post-industrial academic education, many people have no idea that the moon rises 45 minutes later each day, and has since the day you were born; that every six months the sun follows the same route from 23 degrees latitude on one side of the equator to 23 degrees latitude on the opposite side, marking solstice on each end before returning again. Cycles, natural law. While busy Monday through Friday schedules remain consistent year round, unbeknownst to us, we are invisibly companioned by Natural Law.  Blessings for the Equinox, wherever you are.


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